Emirates Shipping Line (ESL), KMTC, TS Lines (TSL) and Global Feeder Shipping (GFS) will jointly launch a new Cosmos (CMX)/AIM2/Galex 2 (GLX2) service from 2 April 2024 connecting Shanghai, Ningbo, Dachan Bay, Jebel Ali, Sohar, Port Klang, Shanghai. The service will turn in 6 weeks using 6 ships of 3,000-4,600 teu starting with the 4,398 teu BF GIANT and followed by the 2,954 teu TS MELBOURNE, 4,636 teu ZHONG GU GUI YANG, 4,130 teu REN JIAN 19, 4,331 teu TS SINGAPORE and a last ship still to be