ONE joins Wan Hai on revised Asia America III/Asia Pacific 1 (AA3/AP1) transpacific service

ONE will add 2 ships to Wan Hai's existing Asia America III (AA3) service from April and brand the service as the Asia Pacific 1 (AP1). The revised AA3/AP1 service will call at Haiphong, Cai Mep, Shekou, Xiamen, Taipei, Ningbo, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Oakland, Shekou, Haiphong from 8 May 2024, turning in 7 weeks using 7 ships of 7,000-14,000 teu with 5 ships operated by Wan Hai and 2 ships by ONE. The service is currently operated independently by Wan Hai using 5 ships of 3,000-13,000 teu with


Yang Ming/ONE launch Intra-Black Sea Express(IBX)/Black Sea Turkey Service (BTS)

Yang Ming and ONE have launched a new Intra-Black Sea Express (IBX)/Black Sea Turkey Service (BTS) from 29 January 2024. The service calls at Ambarli, Varna, Constanza, Ambarli using the 1,803 teu YM INVENTIVE on a 7 day rotation. Intra-Black Sea Express(IBX)/Black Sea Turkey Service (BTS) port rotation


ONE revamps Adriatic Israel Butterfly (AIB) service

ONE will revise the port rotation of its Adriatic Israel Butterfly (AIB) service to call at Valencia, Alexandria, Koper, Venice, Ancona, Damietta, Valencia on an extended rotation that will turn in 4 weeks compared to the current 3 weeks rotation calling at Damietta, Koper, Trieste, Venice, Ancona, Piraeus, Alexandria, Damietta. The hub port will be changed from Damietta to Valencia as the Asia-Med services operated by ONE within THE Alliance has been diverted from the Suez to the Cape of Good


ONE to launch WIN service

ONE will launch a new West India North America (WIN) service calling at Port Qasim, Hazira, Nhava Sheva, Mundra, Damietta, Algeciras, New York, Savannah, Jacksonville, Charleston, Norfolk, Damietta, Jeddah, Port Qasim from May 2024 turning in 9 weeks with ships operated solely by ONE. HMM will purchase 1,700 teu a week on the service on a round trip basis including 170 reefer slots. The routing could be affected by the current diversions from the Red Sea to the Cape which could delay the launc


ONE to launch ELT service

ONE will launch a new Egypt Lebanon Turkey Service (ELT) calling at Damietta, Beirut, Iskenderun, Damietta with the 1,084 teu MARIELYST at Damietta on 31 January 2024 on a weekly frequency.


ONE and Hai An to launch Vietnam Singapore feeder service

ONE and Hai An will launch a new jointly operated Vietnam Singapore Express (VSX) service from 4 January 2024 calling at Haiphong, Cai Mep, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Haiphong. The weekly service will turn in 2 weeks using the 1,577 teu HAIAN VIEW and 1,708 teu HAIAN ROSE, with each partner to operate one ship each with ONE to charter the HAIAN VIEW from Hai An for the service.


ONE and Samudera add Straits India Gulf (SIG) service

Samudera will be a vessel operating partner with ONE on the Southeast Asia to India and Gulf/Straits India Gulf (SIG) service that was launched on 16 November 2023. The SIG service calls at Singapore, Nhava Sheva, Mundra, Dammam, Jebel Ali, Cochin, Colombo, Singapore using 4 ships of 2,500-2,800 teu on a 28 day rotation, of which Samudera will contribute the 2,824 teu MONACO, that will operate alongside 3 ships operated by ONE (2,542 teu SAFEEN PRISM, 2,664 teu NYK ISABEL and 2,824 teu MONACO).


ONE launch Thailand Singapore Express (TSX) feeder service

ONE will launch a new Thailand Singapore Express (TSX) feeder service connecting Laem Chabang, Singapore, Laem Chabang from 14 November 2023. The TSX service will turn in 7 days with the 4,432 teu BEAR MOUNTAIN BRIDGE. It will provide feeder connections for ONE to replace the Asia-Europe FE5 service calling Laem Chabang, Cai Mep, Singapore, Colombo, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Antwerp, London Gateway, Jeddah, Singapore, Laem Chabang that is to be withdrawn by THE Alliance carriers with the last westbo


ONE reported bigger fall in earnings than previous quarters

ONE reported 3Q 2023 results where the accelerating sequential fall in earnings during the past quarter may be a surprise to the market. Unit OPEX fell 5% but unit revenue fell 14%. Nevertheless EBIT has come to a level ordinary for periods before 2020.


THE Alliance updates EC1 and EC2 service rotations

THE Alliance will revise the rotations of the Far East-US East Coast EC1 and EC2 services from November 2023 following the withdrawal of the EC4 service. A new call at Xiamen will be added to the EC1 service that will call at Kaohsiung, Xiamen (new), Yantian, Shanghai, Yangshan, Ningbo, Busan, Manzanillo, New York, Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah, Manzanillo, Balboa, Kaohsiung. A new call at Yantian is added on the EC2 service that will call at Qingdao, Yantian (new), Ningbo, Yangshan, Busan, C

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