Diamond Line launches Piraeus-Constanta Express (PCE)

Diamond Line, the intra-European feeder arm of COSCO Shipping, has launched a new Piraeus-Constnata Express (PCE) service connecting Piraeus, Constantza, Piraeus from 12 June 2024. The PCE service in 7 days and deployed the 1,432 teu CONTSHIP SEA for the maiden voyage from Piraeus on 12 June before being replaced by the CONTSHIP RUN from 19 June. Piraeus-Constanta Express (PCE)


CMA CGM launch EMED1

CMA CGM will launch a new EMED1 service connecting Antalya, Alexandria, Beirut, Antalya from 10 July 2024 with the 1,118 teu WILHELMINE. The weekly servce will turn in 7 days.


X-Press Feeders launch Tyrrhenian X-Press (TYX) service

X-Press Feeders have launched a new Tyrrhenian X-Press (TYX) service from 27 April 2024 calling at Algeciras, Tangier, Vado Ligure, Civitavecchia, Salerno, Napoli, Algeciras. The service turns in 14 days using 2 ships of 1,809 teu, the ADRASTOS and GREEN POLE.


Medkon launch Espana Express (ESX)

Medkon Lines have launched a new Espana Express (ESX) service connecting Tunisia and Spain from 11 March 2024. The ESX will call at Sfax, Rades, Valencia, Barcelona, Sfax using the 698 teu MEDKON CANAKKALE on a 10 day frequency.


COSCO/OOCL add Mediterranean Feeder/Israel West Med (MFS/IWM) service

COSCO and OOCL have added a new Mediterranean Feeder Service (MFS) / Israel West Med (IWM) service with the injection of a ship to Zim's Tyrrhenian Container Line (TYR) service. COSCO has been taking slots on the Zim service since November 2023. The TYR/MFS/IWM calls at Ashdod, Haifa, Fos, Genoa, Salerno, Ashdod and turns in 3 week with 3 ships of 1,100-1,400 teu. COSCO will deploy the 1,223 teu FREDERIK on the service from 13 March 2024 to join Zim's 1,134 teu ASIATIC KING and 1,421 teu NAVI B


Unimed launch Egypt-Greece feeder service

Unimed, Unifeeder's Mediterranean feeder arm, has launched a new Egypt-Greece feeder service connecting Port Said, Piraeus, Port Said from 18 February 2024 using the 1,134 teu PAN GG for the first 2 sailings before it is replaced by the 1,129 teu EGY CROWN. The service will turn on a weekly basis and will call at the SCCT terminal at Port Said and PCT in Piraeus.


Arkas/EMES launch Spain Algeria Service (SAS)

EMES Feedering, the feeder operating arm of Arkas, has launched a new Spain Algeria Service (SAS) connecting Valencia, Algiers, Oran, Valencia from 15 February 2024 using the 698 teu ORION. The SAS service will turn in 10-14 days, with the call at Oran is omitted in the first 2 sailings. The Oran calls are scheduled to start from 13 March 2024.


Yang Ming/ONE launch Intra-Black Sea Express(IBX)/Black Sea Turkey Service (BTS)

Yang Ming and ONE have launched a new Intra-Black Sea Express (IBX)/Black Sea Turkey Service (BTS) from 29 January 2024. The service calls at Ambarli, Varna, Constanza, Ambarli using the 1,803 teu YM INVENTIVE on a 7 day rotation. Intra-Black Sea Express(IBX)/Black Sea Turkey Service (BTS) port rotation


ONE revamps Adriatic Israel Butterfly (AIB) service

ONE will revise the port rotation of its Adriatic Israel Butterfly (AIB) service to call at Valencia, Alexandria, Koper, Venice, Ancona, Damietta, Valencia on an extended rotation that will turn in 4 weeks compared to the current 3 weeks rotation calling at Damietta, Koper, Trieste, Venice, Ancona, Piraeus, Alexandria, Damietta. The hub port will be changed from Damietta to Valencia as the Asia-Med services operated by ONE within THE Alliance has been diverted from the Suez to the Cape of Good


Tailwind adds Koper-Barcelona and Colombo-Chittagong services

Tailwind Shipping has chartered the 917 teu FAITH and 1,118 teu WILHELMINE from January 2024 to provide connections between Koper and Barcelona. The move follows the diversion of Tailwind's vessels from the Suez to the Cape route on its China-Europe Panda Express (PEX) service. The PEX service originally calls at Qingdao, Ningbo, Dachan Bay, Colombo, Koper, Barcelona, Rotterdam, Qingdao but with the diversion to the Cape route since the beginning of December 2023, the call at Koper has been drop

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