MSC and Zim extend VSA cooperation on Israel Express/Zim North Europe Israel (ZNI)

Zim will join MSC on the North Europe-Israel trade by contributing two out of the 5 ships on the revised Zim North Europe Israel (ZNI)/Israel Express service from the end of August 2023. The service will call at Ashdod, Haifa, Damietta, Valencia, London Gateway, Rotterdam, Hamburg, Antwerp, Le Havre, Ashdod with the 7,403 teu KURE, 6,724 teu MSC LORETTA from MSC 5,550 teu MSC VIGO that will be joined by the 6,881 teu ZIM ALABAMA and 6,644 teu ZIM VIETNAM. This is the 3rd trade in which Zim and


Unifeeder revised Benelux-Baltics E6 service

Unifeeder has amended its Benelux-Baltics network with the launch of the E6 service that was started from 16 July to call at Rotterdam, Riga, Kotka, Rotterdam. The service turns in 10-14 days and deploys the 1,036 teu ELBWIND and SKALAR.


X-Press Feeders launch Irish Sea X-PRESS 5 (ISX 5)

X-Press Feeders will launch a new Irish Sea X-PRESS 5 (ISX 5) service connecting Southampton, Greenock, Belfast, Dublin, Cork, Southampton from 9 July 2023 with the 868 teu HELMUT. The service will provide relay connections at Southampton to Western Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland.


Containerships launch SCX 2 Scotland Express 2 service

Containerships, the intra-Europe arm of CMA CGM, will launch a new Scotland Express 2 (SCX 2) service connecting Rotterdam, Hull, Grangemouth, Rotterdam from 8 July 2023 using the 750 teu ENCOUNTER. The SCX 2 will turn weekly in 7 days and will call at 3 terminals at Rotterdam - Rotterdam World Gateway (RWG), Dedicated Delta South (DDE) and RST Zuidzijde. It will complement that Scotland Express (SCX) service that currently calls at Rotterdam, Teesport, Grangemouth, Rotterdam that is operated


Akkon Lines launch Turkiye Europe Service (TES)

Akkon Lines have introduced a new Turkiye Europe Service (TES) connecting Gemlik, Gebze, Ambarli, Aliaga, Salerno, Genoa, Casablanca, Tilbury, Antwerp, Casablanca, Castellon, Misurata, Gemlik. The TES service started on 1 June 2023 from Gemlik with the 698 teu ALOPO. The service will deploy 3 ships of 600 to 1,100 teu on a 10-11 day frequency on a full rotation of 33 days. The new service is a combination of Akkon's current West Europe Casa Service (WES) that connects Antwerp, Casablanca, Ant


Safetrans/OVP/Mountain Air launch Med-Baltic and Black Sea feeder services

Safetrans, OVP Shipping and Mountan Air Shipping have launched two new feeder services to provide relay connections for their joint service from China to connect to the Russan market through the Baltic and Black Sea gateways of St Petersburg and Novorossiysk. The Med-Baltic Feeder will connect Ambarli and St Petersburg and currently deploys 3 ships from OVP - OVP ARIES (2,464 teu), ALLSEAS PIONEER (1,878 teu), HUA XIANG 936 (1,675 teu). 2 more ships will be added in July 2023 with the frequency


Containerships upgrade Portugal East Coast (PGEC) service

CMA CGM's Containerships has upgraded its Portugal East Coast (PGEC) with new calls at Bassens (France) and Algeciras (Spain) from 6 June 2023. The revised PGEC rotation will call at Rotterdam, Bassens, Setubal, Algeciras, Setubal, Leixoes, Ferrol, Tilbury, Dunkirk, Antwerp, Vlissingen, Rotterdam on a 21 day rotation using 3 ships - the 962 teu SPICA J, 812 teu VOHBURG and 803 teu JORK RULER.


Containerships/CMA CGM combines PGWC and POSS service

Containerships will combine the PGWC (Portugal-West Coast) with the POSS (Portugal South Spain) into a revamped PGWC service from 18 May 2023. The extended service will call at Dublin, Liverpool, Montoir, Leixoes, Algeciras, Vigo, Setubal, Leixoes, Ferrol, Liverpool, Dublin. The upgraded weekly service will turn around in 3 weeks starting with the 809 teu CMA CGM GOYA at Dublin on 18 May, followed by the 750 teu ENFORCER on 25 May and 868 teu WILHELM on 1 June. The service replaces the current


Ellerman introduce Poland-UK IPEX service

Ellerman will launch a new Poland to UK Express (IPEX) service from 28 April 2023 calling at Gdynia, Teesport, Tilbury, Gdynia with the 966 teu NOVA.


Samskip add Gothenburg-Iceland link

Samskips has added a weekly Gothenburg-Iceland connection with the addition of the Swedish port on its existing Iceland-Faeroe-Europe service starting from 6 April 2023. The service will call at Rotterdam, Cuxhaven, Gothenburg, Aarhus, Runavik, Reykjavik, Grundartangi, Vestmannaeyjar, Runavik, Rotterdam using the 908 teu HELGAFELL and ARNARFELL that will turn on a 14 day rotation.

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