Both price and trading volume dropped in CoFIF

CoFIF closed last week (15 Sep) down 1-3% in price and down 47% in trading volume. Daily turnover dropped below $1bn for the first time since CoFIF launch on 18 Aug. Open interests, the balance of CoFIF that traders hold overnight, was up 9% WoW. The influx of liquidity on 5 Sep turned out to be due to one trader’s irregular position building that has been stopped by the exchange as per a notice published in INE’s Chinese website after market close on 5 Sep. To raise barrier for irregular tradi


CoFIF saw little change in price despite of liquidity influx

CoFIF closed another week up only 1-3% across its 5 contracts while average daily turnover was up 46% WoW back to $1.9bn a day. Although the spot SCFIS reported 8% WoW drop after market on 4 Sep, the CoFIF market saw a huge boost of liquidity the next day (5 Sep) where total trading volume jumped to 400,000 lots, the highest since the launch of CoFIF, while the price of most traded contracts, EC2404, went up 7% for the day. Though, the market quickly gave up most of those 7% gains in the follo


Container freight futures closed mix in second week on lower trading volumes

The CoFIF container freight futures closed mixed at the end of its 2nd trading week on 1 September with short dated contracts holding relatively better than the longer dated contracts, after taking a dip on 28 Aug. The North Europe EC2408 contract remain in contango at 1,010 relative to the SCFIS spot level of 975 last week, and the latest SCFIS reading of 897 as at 4 September. Although average trading volume dropped 30% WoW to $1.3bn, it remains highly liquid compared to other container freig


New Container Freight Future Turnover Nearly $500mn in first 30 minutes of trading

After nearly 6 years of suspension, container freight futures are returning to the Shanghai market today. The turnover reached Rmb3.8bn ($500mn) in the first 30 minutes of trading, which is similar to the weekly freight revenue of the FE-NEUR route. source: BANDS FinancialThe product is now called Containerized Freight Index Futures (CoFIF). This product is being traded at INE (Shanghai International Energy Exchange), a subsidiary of Shanghai Future Exchange and is regulated by CSRC (China Sec

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