CoFIF Edged Up After a Volatile Week

EC futures recovered essentially all of their losses after a volatile week with the longer dated contracts slumping to their 16% limit down levels on 11 June in reaction to the UN ceasefire resolution adopted on 10 June but rebounded over the next 3 trading days with little change to their pre-UN resolution levels. The main EC2408 contract was up 2% WoW, but could extend its gains this week following the SCFIS’ 10.8% WoW gain on 17 Jun. The new capacity additions on the Asia-North Europe route


CoFIF freight futures hold

The SCFIS index to North Europe gained a further 12.8% to reach 3,799 on 3 June 2024, further narrowing the gap between current spot rates and the CoFIF Asia-North Europe freight futures’ EC2406 and 2408 contracts which are now trading at a 10% premium to the current SCFIS. The prices for these 2 contracts with the earliest expiry dates slipped marginally last week on lower traded volumes, with the market lacking fresh directions. The June and August futures rates are now on par, which suggests


FAQ for Container Freight Index Futures (CoFIF)

What is CoFIF? o INE Container Freight Index Futures (CoFIF) are a type of futures contract traded on the Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE). Where is CoFIF traded? o The Shanghai International Energy Exchange (INE), an associated company of the Shanghai Futures Exchange; the two are operated and managed by the same management team. o The INE is regulated by the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) and serves as every trader's ultimate counterparty. All trading profits and lo


CoFIF Asia-Europe futures reach fresh high

Asia-North Europe freight futures surged to a new record high with the August 2024 CoFIF contract (EC2408) closing at 4,313 on 27 May but daily trading volumes dropped as traders waited for the next catalyst. Open interests ended the week relatively unchanged in number of lots but stand at a record high in dollar value due to the rise in prices since 9 May. Capacity utilization on the Asia-North Europe route has come off slightly from their recent high but this has not dampened freight rates wi


Volatile week with main contracts up

The CoFIF container freight index futures traded at a new hight in volatile trading last week. Initial concern that CMA CGM’s resumption of Suez transits on one of its Asia-Med strings (see page 20 Weekly News Briefs) could trigger a response by its rivals proved to be unfounded, while the Shanghai Futures Exchange’s action to enforce the position restrictions to ring-fence speculative activities did little to dampen trading volumes as average daily turnover reached $3.5bn. Open interests are do


CoFIF freight futures surge to new record high

CoFIF freight futures to North Europe rallied sharply last week on the back of the sharp spot rate hikes driven by the current shortage of capacity on the trade. Effective capacity to North Europe is down 5.1% despite having 17.8% more in total vessel capacity deployed compared to a year ago, with the longer route via the Cape of Good Hope taking away almost 23% of the effective capacity. The SCFIS increased by 13.7% on 13 May to reach 2,512 with further increases expected over the coming weeks


CoFIF futures rally as Middle East peace talks collapse

Asia-North Europe freight futures rallied over the Labour Day shortened trading week, with rates on the 2 main futures contracts (EC2406 and EC2408) trading higher on 30 Apr and 6 May. The 2 short dated contracts  rallied as the Middle East peace talks faltered with the 2 contracts accounting for nearly 80% of daily trading volumes, while the longer dated contracts for EC2412, EC2502 and the newly launched EC2504 were tactically sold off as trading hedges. Average daily volumes were unchanged b


BANDS Cup: Container Freight Futures Trading Competition

Hong Kong, 1 May 2024 - BANDS Financial and Linerlytica launch the first virtual container freight futures trading competition exclusively for companies and executives involved in container shipping's Asia-Europe route. The competition is open to 20 companies and 200 individuals in separate company and individual leagues. Contestants receive virtual money to trade CoFIF, and the 3 contestants from each league with the highest equity at the end of the 6-month competition period will win the 2024


CoFIF market sell-off on Red Sea ceasefire risk

Asia-North Europe CoFIF freight futures retreated sharply on 29 April on fears that ceasefire talks taking place in Egypt this week could drag down freight rates before the end of the year. Contracts for October 2024 (EC2410) were most badly hit, dropping to 2,169 after reaching a peak of 2,765 last week. The latest EC2410 futures remain on par with the current SCFIS at 2,175 points, with EC2406 and EC2408 contracts still trading at a significant premium to the current SCFIS spot rate index at 2


Asia-Europe rate futures rally on strong liquidity

Speculative traders returned to the CoFIF market last week with average trading volumes doubling compared to the week before. Prices for longer dated contracts for June 2024 through February 2025 rallied. The EC2406 and EC2408 contracts rose above 2,500 compared to the latest SCFIS index at 2,135, implying an expected increase of over 17% from current rate levels. Market conviction on the May rate hikes have strengthened with several carriers pushing for higher FAK rates backed by improved vess

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