Global Fleet Top 28m, Another 9% Growth Next 12 Months

The global containership fleet has passed 28m teu last week, with total new ship deliveries since the start of this year reaching 1.94m teu. More than 1 new ship has been delivered each day since June this year, with the same pace to continue through the next 12 months. Carriers are facing a difficult time maintaining recent freight rate gains in the face of the capacity influx, with vessel scrapping and idling remaining at very low levels. The freight rates (SCFIS) were down between 80% and 9


Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Liners are pushing for GRIs in November. But following their recipe in June i.e. to cut down on the capacity, they are going to increase their capacity as shown by Linerlytica's Capacity Watch. Save for FE-FE-NEUR trade, the main west-east trades will see capacity increase by 9-22% MoM in November: FE-WCNA weekly capacity will increase by 22% MoM in NovemberFE-ECNA weekly capacity will increase by 16% MoM in NovemberFE-NEUR weekly capacity will decrease by 5% MoM in NovemberFE-MED weekly capac


Containership capacity growing at fastest pace on record

Global containership capacity is growing at an average rate of over 190,000 teu a month since April, after accounting for new ship deliveries and capacity upgrades and deducting scrapped capacity and other deletions. This pace of growth is the fastest rate ever recorded for the container markets and is set to continue for the next 2 years. Compared to the growth spurt in 2006-2008 and 2014-2015, when the average monthly growth rate was just 120,000 teu per month, the current growth burst will


Intra Asia Tradelanes Under Pressure

The intra-Asia tradelanes are coming under the most pressure at the moment with rates on several key corridors already slipping to pre-2020 levels as capacity that were previously redeployed to the Transpacific are now returning to Asia. Total containership capacity employed on the Intra-Far East routes is rising again after a 2 year decline, as ships that were redeployed to the more lucrative long-haul trades now returning in large numbers. Intra-FE capacity peaked in early 2020 at 3m teu bu


Capacity Deployment - Wk27

Average FE-WCNA capacity over the last 13 weeks stands at 314,332 teu, which is 4.9% lower than the same period last year while the average FE-ECNA capacity during the same period was up 18% YoY.


Transpacific Capacity Deployment Watch (FE-ECNA)

Capacity to the US East coast increased to 243,000 teu last week to reach its highest levels since January.

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