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Containerships back in full at Panama Canal

All of the containership services that were diverted from the Panama Canal since November 2023 have returned to their regular Panama transits as of May 2024. These services were forced to switch to the longer route initially through the Suez Canal and then to the Cape of Good Hope after the Red Sea crisis escalated at the end of 2023. With the increase in the number of neo-panamax transit slots at the Panama Canal from May, carriers are bringing back all of these services to Panama which would


IAL/WHL joins YM & TSL on Pan Asia Service (PAS)

Interasia Lines (IAL) has joined Yang Ming and TS Lines on the revised Pan Asia Service (PAS) as a vessel operator, with Wan Hai Lines (WHL) also taking slots on the service from 13 March 2024. The revised PAS calls at Moji, Hakata, Busan, Kwangyang, Keelung, Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, Shekou, Nansha, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Shekou, Xiamen, Moji with a new call at Ho Chi Minh City added on 31 March 2024. The PAS service turns in 3 weeks with 3 ships of 2,400 to 3,000 teu with Yang Ming, TS Lin


HMM to take slots on ONE/Wan Hai AP1/AA3 service

HMM will take slots on the new ONE/Wan Hai AP1/AA3 transpacific service that will start on 8 May 2024. HMM will have a weekly slot allocation of 250 teu from ONE on the service that it will be marketed by both carriers as the AP1. The AP1/AA3 service will turn in 7 weeks with 7 ships of 7,000 to 13,400 teu, of which 5 ships will be operated by Wan Hai and 2 ships from ONE, and will call at Haiphong, Cai Mep, Shekou, Xiamen, Taipei, Ningbo, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Oakland, Shekou, Haiphong. The


Wan Hai, IAL, KMTC launch new Southeast Asia-India 8 (SI8)/Asia-Indian Subcontinent 5 (AIS5) service

Wan Hai, Interasia Lines (IAL) and KMTC will jointly launch a new Southeast Asia-India VIII (SI8)/Asia-Indian Subcontinent 5 (AIS5) service from 26 April 2024 to connect Jakarta, Surabaya, Singapore, Port Klang(N), Mundra, Nhava Sheva, Port Klang(N), Jakarta. The SI8/AIS5 service will turn in 28 days using 4 ships of 2,700 teu on a weekly frequency, with Wan Hai contributing the 2,702 teu NAJADE and 2,741 teu WAN HAI 309, alongside the 2.556 teu KMTC YOKOHAMA and a yet to be named ship from IAL


TWN Liners Revenue Up 20% MoM in Jan

Monthly revenue for Taiwanese liners went up 20% or $278mn MoM in aggregate in January 2024 as the rally in freight rates started to show. To put the increase in revenue in context, these three liners together made $201mn EBIT during 3Q 2023. Their 4Q earnings are not out yet but their 4Q revenue were down about $202mn QoQ comparing to 3Q 2023. Meanwhile, CCFI composite index went up 36% MoM in January and 22% MTD 9 Feb. Further upside to the liners revenue likely to come in February. Liners' r


ONE joins Wan Hai on revised Asia America III/Asia Pacific 1 (AA3/AP1) transpacific service

ONE will add 2 ships to Wan Hai's existing Asia America III (AA3) service from April and brand the service as the Asia Pacific 1 (AP1). The revised AA3/AP1 service will call at Haiphong, Cai Mep, Shekou, Xiamen, Taipei, Ningbo, Shanghai, Los Angeles, Oakland, Shekou, Haiphong from 8 May 2024, turning in 7 weeks using 7 ships of 7,000-14,000 teu with 5 ships operated by Wan Hai and 2 ships by ONE. The service is currently operated independently by Wan Hai using 5 ships of 3,000-13,000 teu with


Feedertech, X-Press Feeders and Wan Hai team up on new Red Sea-Gulf-India (RGI/IM1) service

Feedertech, X-Press Feeders and Wan Hai have teamed up to launch a new Red Sea-Gulf-India (RGI)/India-Red Sea X-Press (IRX)/India Middle East 1 (IM1) service that connects Mundra, Nhava Sheva, Jebel Ali, Jeddah, Sokhna, Jeddah, Jebel Ali, Mundra from 15 January 2024. The RGI/IRX/IM1 service turns in 5 weeks using 5 ships of 1,800-3,200 teu with 2 ships each from Feedertech and X-Press (the 1,732 teu HANSA ROTENBURG and 2,824 teu ADDISON, together with the 3,158 teu X-PRESS ALTAIR and 2,756 teu

Service cancellations

THE Alliance/Wan Hai suspends Asia Red Sea (AR1) service

The Asia Red Sea (AR1) service jointly operated by THE Alliance and Wan Hai will be suspended with the last westbound sailing to depart from Singapore on 31 January 2024. 4 ships are currently deployed on this service which typically turns in 7 weeks on the Red Sea route calling at Busan, Shanghai, Ningbo, Shekou, Singapore, Jeddah, Aqaba, Sokhna, Jeddah, Singapore, Busan. The 5,610 teu WAN HAI 613 was the last ship to transit via the Gulf of Aden while 3 other ships (YM MUTUALITY, YM MODERAT


Early 4Q Results From Asian Liners

Unlikely a surprise to the market, liners are reporting sequentially lower 4Q 2023 results, which is in line with CCFI while the QoQ rebound in SCFI will likely only show in the liners' book in 1Q 2024. While the 4Q results may not be pleasing to look at, everything changed since the second half of December. COSCO reported earning alert, OOCL reported top line breakdown while the Taiwanese liners reported their December revenue this week. COSCO alerted 68% QoQ lower earnings during 4Q while O


Taiwanese Liner 3Q results

Taiwanese carriers reported 3Q 2023 financial results last week with their earnings decline accelerating in spite of the volume recovery. Aggregating the liners’ top line breakdown, volume was up 4% QoQ and 2% YoY while unit revenue was down 11% QoQ and 58% YoY. Interest and liquid investment income have become a significant addition to the carriers’ bottom lines as their cash balances are now comparable to the fixed assets on their balance sheets. Several off the charts data in EMC’s 3Q result

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