Unifeeder introduce new China Gulf Express (CGE/CGX/MGX/SGX1) in joint service with CUL, Milaha and Sinokor

Unifeeder, China United Lines (CUL), Milaha and Sinokor will jointly launch a new China-Middle East Gulf Express (CGE/CGX/MGX/SGX1) service from May 2024 calling at Shanghai, Ningbo, Shekou, Jebel Ali, Shanghai. The CGE/CGX/MGX/SGX1 will turn in 35 days and deploys 5 ships of 2,400-3,000 teu starting from 20 May 2024. Unifeeder will operate 2 ships (the 3,006 teu CELCIUS ESSEN and CELSIUS EINDHOVEN), while CUL, Milaha and Sinokor will operate one ship each (the 2,518 teu ZHONG GU YING KOU, 2,8


Unifeeder adds Venezuela service

Unifeeder has added 2 new Venezuela services that will call alternately at Guanta/Guaranao and Maracaibo using 2 ships of 1,100 teu on separate 14 day rotations. The Unifeeder Venezuela service 1 (Guanta/Guaranao) will deploy the 1,118 teu SC PHILLY from 16 April 2024 to call at Cartagena, Manzanillo (Pan), Oranjestad, Willemstad, Guanta/Guaranao (alternate calls), Cartagena. The Unifeeder Venezuela service 2 (Maracaibo) will deploy the 1,118 teu NOAH from 23 April 2024 to call at Cartagena,


Unimed launch Egypt-Greece feeder service

Unimed, Unifeeder's Mediterranean feeder arm, has launched a new Egypt-Greece feeder service connecting Port Said, Piraeus, Port Said from 18 February 2024 using the 1,134 teu PAN GG for the first 2 sailings before it is replaced by the 1,129 teu EGY CROWN. The service will turn on a weekly basis and will call at the SCCT terminal at Port Said and PCT in Piraeus.


Unifeeder adds 3rd Americas feeder service to connect Aruba and Curacao

Unifeeder will add a new Aruba and Curacao feeder service connecting Cartagena, Oranjestad, Willemstad, Cartagena from 1 March 2024 with the 642 teu ELLA Y. SThe new service is Unifeeder's third Americas service, adding to the Panama-Colombia service launched in January 2024 connecting Manzanillo, Turbo, Cartagena, Barranquilla,Santa Marta, Cartagena, Manzanillo and the Hispaniola-Puerto Rico service launched in March 2023 connecting Caucedo, Port au Prince, San Juan, Caucedo.


Unifeeder acquires MCL Feeder Services

Unifeeder has acquired MCL Feeder Services on 1 January 2024 and will combine MCL's feeder operations in the Mediterranean area into the Unifeeder/Unimed network. MCL is based in Cyprus and operates feeder services in the Mediterranean. It was part of the Metz Group that was established in 1982 in Beirut, Lebanon and had cooperated previously with various feeder operators with slot arrangements with Unimed(UFS), Sealand, Mahoney, Medkon and Bahari.


Unifeeder adds Latin America feeder offering to connect Panama with Colombia

Unifeeder has launched a second Latin America feeder service connecting Panama and Colombia with the 1,118 teu NOAH assigned to the new service from 3 February 2024. The Panama-Colombia feeder will call at Manzanillo, Turbo, Cartagena, Barranquilla, Santa Marta, Cartagena, Manzanillo on a weekly basis. The new service will complement the Hispaniola-Puerto Rico service that was launched in March 2023. The service connects Caucedo, Port au Prince, San Juan, Caucedo with the 1,100 teu CONTSHIP DON


Unimed launch Damietta-Turkey service

Unimed has started a new Damietta-Turkey service from 23 October 2023 connecting Damietta and Mersin with the 1,216 teu MORAGA.


Wan Hai and Unifeeder launch India-Middle East (IM1/IMS) service

Wan Hai and Feedertech/Unifeeder have teamed up to launch a new India-Middle East Service (IM1/IMS) that will call at Mundra, Nhava Sheva, Jebel Ali, Port Qasim, Mundra. The service will turn in 2 weeks and deploys the 1,858 teu BIG BREEZY from Wan Hai that will join the service on 1 August 2023 and the 1,613 teu SSL MUMBAI from Feedertech that joins on 8 August 2023. The India-Middle East Service (IM1/IMS) will start from 1 August 2023


ONE and Unifeeder upgrades MIM/MJI service to Mozambique

ONE and Unifeeder (Feedertech) will upgrade their jointly operated Mozambique India Middle East (MIM)/Mozambique Jebel Ali India (MJI) service with the addition of a new call at Beira from 27 August 2023, and Nhava Sheva from 19 September 2023. The revised MIM/MJI port rotation will be Jebel Ali, Mundra, Nhava Sheva, Mombasa, Beira, Maputo, Jebel Ali. The service turns in 35 days and currently deploys 3 ships of 1,700-2,000 teu with departures every 7 to 14 days.


Unifeeder revised Benelux-Baltics E6 service

Unifeeder has amended its Benelux-Baltics network with the launch of the E6 service that was started from 16 July to call at Rotterdam, Riga, Kotka, Rotterdam. The service turns in 10-14 days and deploys the 1,036 teu ELBWIND and SKALAR.

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