2 operators on Russian trade in financial difficulties

At least 2 carriers operating on the China-Baltic Russia route have suffered financial troubles. The 2,472 teu MYD JIMEI operated by Global Field Line (GFL) is currently stranded in the Baltics. In a letter to GFL customers dated 25 January 2024, the carrier requested for an additional payment of $3000/20' and $5000/40' to allow the company to settle outstanding payments to its local agent and port operator. The ship has been waiting to dock at St Petersburg since 8 January 2024. Another Russi


Transmasters China-St Petersburg service disrupted by financial difficulties

Russian operator Transmasters' China to St Petersburg service has been disrupted by financial troubles with 6 of its ships stranded since December 2023. Transmasters have notified its customers on 15 December 2023 of an emergency surcharge of $1,750/teu for cargo already loaded on the 1,662 teu HONRISE that has been stranded off Sweden since 23 November 2023. The ship will only be able to discharge at St Petersburg after the surcharge has been paid. The 1,725 teu SHUN LONG has also been strand


Transmasters emerge as new operator of Wan Hai 260 ships

Russian container carrier Transmasters have taken control of 3 former Wan Hai ships of 1,662 teu for its China-Russia service. The 3 ships - WAN HAI 261, WAN HAI 262, WAN HAI 263 - were originally to be sold for scrap but they have been retaken by Chinese owners and renamed as HONRISE, NEW EVERPROSPER and STAR BRIGHT respectively. The 3 ships have joined Transmasters progressively in July and August 2023 and deployed on the China-Russia service that calls at Lianyungang, Taicang, Nansha, Colom

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