Early Data Suggested Decent Throughput Growth Globally in Sep

Global container throughput increased by 5.4% in September, based on flash estimates from Linerlytica’s global ports survey. It is the strongest monthly growth rate achieved so far in 2023, although this is tempered by the low base in September 2022 when container volumes first showed signs of weakness after the frenetic growth in the previous 2 years. The strong September growth rate raised  the 3rd quarter throughput growth to 1.9% - the first positive quarter this year. YTD volumes remain n


Chinese Port Throughput Diverts From Rest of the World

Chinese port data for January remains unavailable, with the publication of official government monthly statistics conspicuously delayed since September 2022. Chinese port data have been inflated since July 2022 with throughput volumes still showing positive growth year-on-year while volumes reported at ports in the rest of the world are clearly in decline. Chinese port volumes have historically led global volume growth, with the pick-up in Chinese port volumes in late 2020 and early 2021 foresh

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