Suez Canal


Capacity crunch looms as diversions from the Red Sea hit record high

The number of containerships diverted from the Suez to the Cape Route has surged to 125 units compared to 44 a week ago, including 16 ships that turned back in the Red Sea to the Med after making their southbound Suez passage. The record number of diversions far exceeds the number of ships that were diverted during the EVER GIVEN incident on the Suez Canal in March 2021 when less than 20 ships were diverted. While the previous Suez blockage in 2021 lasted barely 7 days, the impact of the current

Port Congestion

Panama Canal congestion set to worsen as Ships Attacked near Suez

The missile attack on NUMBER 9, an OOCL operated ship on 3 December has broadened the threat to all ships passing through the Red Sea, even those that have no links to Israel. Zim has already diverted its ships from the Suez to the longer Cape of Good Hope, while Maersk has also diverted 2 ships chartered from Israeli interests following the attack on the CMA CGM SYMI on 25 November. Among 3 ships attacked in Red Sea the past Sunday (3 Dec), the 4,253 teu NUMBER 9 that was targeted by the miss

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