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Freight Rate Watch: Sharp Fall In Spot Rates Across Main Routes

Transpacific freight rates are eroding rapidly, with carriers slashing rates on both the West Coast and East Coast by as much as $500 below the current SCFI assessments. There is little hope of a rate rebound over the October holidays in China despite the increase in the number of blank sailings that will mostly hit Asia last port departures on week 41, with up to 40% of the weekly capacity removed. The lack of permanent capacity cuts will continue to put pressure on transpacific rates. Rates


Freight Rate Watch: Sep GRI gain evaporated

The 1 September rate gains on the transpacific have all but evaporated, with rates to the US East Coast falling sharply with the SCFI assessment registered a 8.4% drop last week. Capacity utilization has dropped on the East Coast with average capacity deployed in September reaching a record high of almost 250,000 teu per week or 12.5% higher compared to August. In contrast, average capacity to the West Coast is  7.4% lower in September, which has only partially stemmed the rate fall. Rates to


Rate Cut Started Soon After 1 Sep GRI

Transpacific freight rates rose by $100 after the 1 September GRI but the rates gains were lower than expected and carriers have already started to cut rates with the outlook turning negative. Several carriers have already withdrawn their transpacific peak season surcharges (PSS), signifying the early end of the peak season even before the Golden Week holidays in China in October. East Coast and PNW rates are under pressure with capacity still in excess supply on these 2 routes compared to the


Sep 1 GRI the Last Hurray?

Carriers are holding firmly to the transpacific rate increases, with the West Coast rates staying above the $2,000/feu level to the US West Coast and $3,000/feu to the East Coast. Bookings remain strong on lower capacity available through August, but weakness is starting to show with the mid-August gains smaller than initially expected. Transpacific rates will receive another boost from the 1 September rate increase but further increases will be limited unless trade demand rebounds significant


Further Rise in USWC Spot Rates Set Stage for Mid August GRI

SCFI rates breached the $2,000/feu level to the US West Coast  and $3,000/feu to the East Coast for the first time since October 2022 and December 2022 respectively. Transpacific carriers will further extend their rate gains with the mid August rate increase almost certain to be pushed through successfully with bookings remaining very strong on lower capacity available through August. Capacity availability will pick up in September on both the WC and EC routes, which will test the carriers abi

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