Sinokor launch PCI2 service

Sinokor has launched a new Pusan-China-Indonesia 2 (PCI2) service connecting Busan, Kwangyang, Singapore, Jakarta, Haiphong, Shekou, Shantou, Xiamen, Incheon, Ulsan, Busan from 22 November 2023 using 4 ships of 1,800-2,100 teu (MANILA VOYAGER 2105 teu, BRIGHT COSMOS 1911, SAWASDEE VEGA 1809, SAWASDEE MIMOSA 1809 teu). The service will replace the former Korea Indonesia 2 (KI2) service that was operated jointly by Sinokor with HMM and KMTC that was withdrawn in October 2023.


ONE, ESL and Sinokor take slots on X-Press Feeders' new Far East-ISC service

Several carriers have announced their participation in the new X-Press Feeders North China-India West Coast X-Press (NWX) service that is operated jointly with Maersk, which brands it as the FI3 (Far East-India 3) that will start from October 2023. ONE, ESL and Sinokor have all announced their participation in the service, branding it respectively by ONE as Northeast Asia to Pakistan and India (NPI), ESL as Far East West India (FWI) and Sinokor as the North China-India West Coast Express (NWX).


Sinokor introduces new GRS service to Russia in partnership with CStar Line

Sinokor has launched a new Greater China-Russia Service (GRS) connecting Yantian, Nansha, Xiamen, Shanghai, Vostochny, Yantian from 3 September 2023 with the newly chartered 2,902 teu TB BRIGHT CITY. The new service will turn in 3 weeks and will operate in conjunction with 2 other ships operated by CStar Line (the 2,206 teu MAO GANG GUANG ZHOU and MAO GANG QUAN ZHOU) that will run on the same route, with CStar branding the services as the Far East-Far East Service 1 (FEFE1)


Heung-A/Sinokor adds Vietnam-Russia connection on HPS1

Heung-A/Sinokor have extended its Haiphong-Busan Service 1 (HPS 1) to the Russia Far East since June 2023 with the revised rotation calling at Busan, Ulsan, Kwangyang, Hong Kong, Haiphong, Hong Kong, Shekou, Xiamen, Kwangyang, Busan, Vladivostok, Busan. The service will call at 2 terminals in Vlaidvostok - Vladivostok Fishery Port and Vladivostok Container Terminal (VCT). The HPS1 3 ships of 1,003 on a 3 week rotation - the HEUNG-A HAIPHONG, HEUNG-A XIAMEN, HEUNG-A AKITA.


Sinokor Starting BNX

Sinokor is starting a new service called Busan Ningbo Express (BNX) on a 7-day round trip calling Busan, Ulsan, Kwangyang, Ningbo, Busan with a single ship. 706 teu PACIFIC BUSAN will phase in at Busan on 6 May.


Sinokor launch new Thailand South China service

Sinokor is starting a new Thailand Direct Express (TDX) service that connects South China and Thailand. The new service will call at Hong Kong, Shekou, Laem Chabang, Hong Kong on 11-day round trip with the 1,118 teu SENDAI TRADER. SENDAI TRADER will phase in at Hong Kong on 21 April after coming out of drydock. SENDAI TRADER was previously deployed in Sinokor's Pyongtaek Xingang Service (PXS).


TS Lines add Asia Indian Subcontinent 2 (AIS2) service

TS Lines (TSL)has added a new Asia Indian Subcontinent 2 (AIS2) service after it joined Sinokor and Global Feeder Service (GFS) on their jointly operated Sinokor India Service 2 (SIS 2) / China Sub Continent (CSC) service. TS Lines replaced SeaLead as a partner on this service after the latter pulled out from the service in December 2022. The first TSL vessel to join the service is the 4,380 teu TS SINGAPORE that joined the service on 10 March 2023 at Busan. The SIS2/CSC/AIS2 service calls at


Sinokor launch Far East-Novorossiysk service

Sinokor has ventured out of its core intra-Asia services for the first time, with the launch of a new Asia-Black Sea service that connects several Asian ports with the Russian Black Sea port of Novorossiysk. The 1,512 teu SAWASDEE SINGAPORE has made the first voyage from Asia from 5 December 2022 calling at Incheon, Busan, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Port Klang, Novorossiysk. This will be followed by a second voyage on 27 December 2022 with the 4,738 teu GRACE BRIDGE calling at Qingd


Sinokor starts Shanghai Russia Service

Sinokor is starting Shanghai Russia Service (SRS) calling Busan, Kwangyang, Shanghai, Busan, Vladivostok, Busan. The service will start with 1,003 teu HEUNG-A XIAMEN on 20 August at Busan. Another ship, 1083 teu HE SHENG, will join at Shanghai on 31 August, after being out of drydock.


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