Samskip initiates Finland/Latvia service

Samskip has launched a new Baltic Sea - Finland/Latvia service from 7 November 2023 to connect Helsinki, Riga, Hull, Rotterdam, Helsinki. The service turns n 2 weeks using 2 ships of 500 teu. The service was initiated at Helsinki on 7 November with the 366 teu ORION for a single trip before being replaced by the 509 teu BF CARTAGENA and 508 teu DORNBUSCH.


Boluda Lines and Samskip launch Spain-Ireland-UK shortsea service

Boluda Lines and Samskip have jointly launched a new Spain-Ireland-UK service connecting Santander, Dublin, Liverpool, Santander using the 803 teu LUCIA B from 29 September 2023. The service turns in 1 week using a single ship from Boluda, with Samskip taking slots. In northern Spain, the service will call at Boluda Maritime Terminals Santander that was opened by Boluda in April 2023 at a total cost of  €40 m with a capacity of 110,000 teu a year.


Samskip add Gothenburg-Iceland link

Samskips has added a weekly Gothenburg-Iceland connection with the addition of the Swedish port on its existing Iceland-Faeroe-Europe service starting from 6 April 2023. The service will call at Rotterdam, Cuxhaven, Gothenburg, Aarhus, Runavik, Reykjavik, Grundartangi, Vestmannaeyjar, Runavik, Rotterdam using the 908 teu HELGAFELL and ARNARFELL that will turn on a 14 day rotation.

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