KMTC and Namsung add 3 new Korea-China services

KMTC will add a new Korea-North China CNS2 service calling at Busan, Ulsan, Kwangyang, Lianyungang, Qingdao, Busan on 7-days round trip with the 1,009 teu SUNNY LILLY starting fom 18 October 2023 at Lianyungang. Namsung is taking slots on the service which it brands as the Busan Lianyungang Qingdao (BLQ). Namsung will add a Busan Shanghai Ningbo (BSN) service calling at Shanghai, Ningbo, Busan, Ulsan, Kwangyang, Shanghai on 7-days round trip with the 907 teu SHECAN from 18 October at Shanghai.


KMTC & Namsung introduce new Korea-Japan service

KMTC and Namsung will introduce a new service that connects Busan with the west coast of Japan and Hokkaido in October. The new service is called Japan Shuttle 1 (JPS1) by KMTC and Busan Japan Shuttle (BJS) by Namsung starting on 8 October 2023 at Busan with the 1,000 teu SUNNY VIOLET and 1,003 teu STAR VOYAGER to follow a week later. The service will run on 14-day rotation calling Busan, Hakata, Kanazawa, Kushiro, Tomakomai, Ishikari, Akita, Busan.


Korea China Indonesia (KCI) service launched

ONE, Namsung, TS Lines and SITC are joining hands to launch a new Korea China Indonesia (KCI) service calling at Busan, Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Jakarta, Surabaya, Shekou, Xiamen, Busan from 10 October 2023. The KCI service will turn in 28 days using 4 ships of 2,400-3,000 teu. Each of the 4 partners will provide 1 ship each on the service, starting with the 2,954 teu TS MUNDRA at Busan on 10 October, to be followed by the 2,433 teu SITC MINGCHENG, 2,741 teu LORRAINE and 2,556 teu STARSHIP N


Namsung, ONE, PIL & TSL team up to launch Korea-China-Straits (NFS/KC2/KCS/KMV2) service

Namsung, ONE, PIL and TS Lines are coming together to launch a new Korea-China-Straits service starting from 6 July 2023. The new service will call at Busan, Kwangyang, Shanghai, Shekou, Singapore, Port Klang, Penang, Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City, Nansha, Busan using 4 ships of 2,000-2,900 teu, with each partner to deploy one ship each. The service will be branded respectively as the New Far East Straits (NFS) by Namsung, Korea China Straits 2 (KC2) by ONE, Korea-China-Straits (KCS) by PIL and

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