Marfret launches IEX service

Marfret has just launched ITALY/EGYPT EXPRESS (IEX SERVICE) that calls Alexandria, Salerno, Genoa, Alexandria on weekly basis with two ships: 390 teu LYDIA and 698 teu CONMAR GULF. LYDIA has already phased in on Oct 28 at Genoa while CONMAR GULF will phase in on Nov 9 at Genoa. LYDIA was servicing at Fluviofeeder's Lydia Feeder connecting Le Havre and Rouen until recently while CONMAR GULF was servicing North Sea's NW Europe-Norway services.


Marfret launches Egypt-Italy service

French carrier Marfret will launch a new Egypt-Italy Express service that connects Genoa, Salerno, Alexandria, Genoa. The new service will deploy the 390 teu LYDIA that has just rejoined Marfret at the end of August 2022 and is currently deployed on the FluvioFeeder/Lydia Feeder service running between Le Havre and Rouen. The new service is scheduled to start from Genoa in mid October 2022 and is targetted at the reefer fruit exports from Egypt, with Marfret positioning 200 new reefer container

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