Questionable Pivot For Maersk

Maersk’s failure to protect its liner market share in the last 3 years has cost it dearly, as it gave up at least $4 Bn in foregone profits that Maersk would have been able to generate if it had maintained its global capacity share at 18% instead of the current 15.5%. In its stead, Maersk has chosen to invest almost $10 Bn of incremental capital in its logistics services since 2020 as it pivoted to the logistics integrator strategy. However, in its latest 2nd quarter financial report, Maersk’s


Maersk/TSL to add Qinzhou call on NV2 service

Sealand Asia (Maersk) and TS Lines will add a northbound call at Qinzhou on their jointly operated NV2 service starting from 2 August 2023. The revised NV2 will retain a 14 day rotation and call at Ningbo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Haiphong, Qinzhou (new), Hong Kong, Ningbo. The service currently deploys 2 ships of 1,000-1,200 teu with Sealand and TSL each contributing one ship.


Sealand Asia to launch IA11 intra-Asia string

Sealand Asia, the intra-Asia regional carrier of Maersk, will launch a new weekly IA11 service connecting Taiwan, East China and Vietnam in August. The IA11 service turns in 2 weeks and will call at Shanghai, Ningbo, Kaohsiung, Ho Chi Minh City, Kaohsiung, Shanghai from 19 August 2023 with the 1,060 teu PADIAN 2 and followed a week later by the 1,114 teu CONTSHIP WAY at Shanghai. The Sealand Asia brand will be integrated into the Maersk brand over the course of 2023, with the process already s


Maersk breaking up AC2 and AC3

Maersk is breaking up the FE-LTAM butterfly service AC2/AC3 into two separate service AC2 and AC3. AC2 will call Shanghai, Qingdao, Busan, Yokohama, Manzanillo (Mexico), Lazaro Cardenas, Guayaquil, Balboa, Lazaro Cardenas, Shanghai on 70-days round trip with ten 13,568 teu ships. AC2 will start with 13,568 teu MAERSK ELBA at Qingdao on 16 Sep. AC3 will call Hong Kong, Shanghai, Ningbo, Gwangyang, Busan, Balboa, Buenaventura, Callao, Puerto Angamos, San Antonio, Tauranga, Hong Kong on 77-days r


TS Lines partners Maersk on NV2 service

TS Lines has introduced a new North Vietnam 2 (NV2) service in a partnership with Maersk/Sealand Asia. The service calls at Ningbo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Haiphong, Hong Kong, Ningbo using 2 ships of 1,000 teu. TS Lines's chartered 987 teu ORTOLAN EPSILON made its maiden call at Ningbo on 30 May 2023 for one voyage, joining Maersk's 1,049 teu ASIATIC SUN on the service. TS Line will replace the ship with the TS HAIPHONG and TS KOBE subsequently in June.


Main carriers liftings drop for 7th consecutive quarter

Container liftings for main carriers fell 6.8% YoY in 1Q 2023, accelerating from the 6.6% YoY fall in 4Q. All  9 of the main carriers recorded volume reductions, with Zim and Maersk recording the largest drops. The aggregate liftings of the 9 carriers in 1Q 2023 were even lower than the 2Q 2020 level during the first COVID wave. Despite the of the continuous improvement of the vessel turnaround time on the easing of port congestion, liner’s volume yield (liftings per slot) has continued to fall


Maersk to replace ME3/ME4 service with new Al Maha service

Maersk will launch a new Al Maha service from June 2023, replacing its current ME3 and ME4 services. The Al Maha service will call at Tanger Med, Port Said, Jeddah, Salalah, Jebel Ali, Doha, Dammam, Jubail, Jebel Ali, Duqm, Salalah, Jeddah, Port Said, Tanger Med using 7 ships of 8,500 teu. It replaces the ME3 calling at Port Said, Salalah, Jebel Ali, Dammam, Jubail, Jebel Ali, Salalah, Port Said using 5 ships of 4,200-5,000 teu and ME4 service calling at Tangier Med, Alexandria, Port Said Eas


Maersk revises Philippines service coverage with new PH1

Maersk is launching a new PH1  service on 24 May 2023 calling at Busan, Shanghai, Ningbo, Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, Haiphong, Yantian, Hong Kong, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Hong Kong, Nansha, Kaohsiung, Busan, Hakata, Moji, Hibiki, Busan. It replaces the current HP3 service that calls at Busan, Kaohsiung, Yantian, Hong Kong, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu, Hong Kong, Nansha, Kaohsiung, Busan, with the additional coverage to Vietnam and an extension of the service to Japan. The new PH1 will turn in 35 days using


Maersk launches new S. China-Siam Bay-Taiwan-Philippines IA-10 service

Maersk is replacing the IA-80 service with a new IA-10 S. China-Siam Bay-Taiwan-Philippines service calling at Taichung, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Shekou, Sihanoukville, Bangkok, Laem Chabang, Ho Chi Minh City, Batangas, Manila North, Taichung from 16 July 2023, starting with the 1,118 teu MCC ANDALAS at Taichung. Calls at Japan and Korea ports will be taken out in the new port rotation although the calls at the Korean and Japanese ports have been omitted since March 2023. The 3 ships previously depl


Maersk FY Guidance Unchanged Despite of Profitable 1Q

Maersk reported result before market today (4 May) where earnings fell hard as expected but $2.6bn at bottom line is still better than any quarters before 2021. Full year guidance stay unchanged, suggesting the EBIT for the next 3 quarters will range between negative $561mn or $2,4bn, which is a very wide range comparing to Maersk's track record before 2021. $2.4bn for 3 quarters would still be very good earnings while negative $561mn would be the worst ever. Maersk Line's unit revenue (total

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