Maersk splits OC1 to use Panama Canal Railway landbridge

Maersk will split its Oceania-US East Coast OC1 service into 2 different loops covering the Atlantic and Pacific sectors separately. The OC1 Pacific loop will call at Balboa, Tauranga, Sydney, Melbourne, Port Chalmers, Tauranga, Balboa with cargo heading to and from North America transferred to the Panama Canal Railway landbridge for connection on the OC1 Atlantic loop that will call at Manzanillo, Philadelphia, Charleston, Manzanillo. The intermediate call at Cartagena in Colombo will be dro


CMA CGM and Maersk to launch new USEC-Centram service

CMA CGM and Maersk will launch the Ceiba Express (Ceiba/U7H) service calling at Port Everglades, Kingston, La Guaira, Puerto Cabello, Cartagena (Col), Puerto Cortes, Santo Tomas de Castilla, Port Everglades on 21 days round trip. The service will deploy 3 vessels starting with the 1,732 teu HANSA SALZBURG at Port Everglades on 14 January 2024, followed 1,691 teu MARFRET GUYANE and 2,564 teu CMA CGM PEMBA.


CMA CGM & Maersk introduce Cape Town feeder service

CMA CGM and Maersk will jointly launch a new Cape Town Feeder/Cape Town Express service connecting Port Louis, Cape Town, Port Louis from 9 January 2024. The service will turn in 4 weeks using 4 ships of 2,200-2,500 teu starting with the CMA CGM FORT ST GEORGES, MAERSK NEWARK, MAERSK NANSHA and CMA CGM ANTIOQUIA. The service will cater for connections to Cape Town at Port Louis on the updated Shaka/Safari service jointly operated by CMA CGM and Maersk that will call at Shanghai, Ningbo, Shekou,


Maersk adds Tunis-Cagliari feeder

Maersk has launched a new Tunis Cagliari feeder service using roro ships connecting Cagliari, Tunis (Rades), Cagliari. The service was launched on 11 November 2023 with the 11,630 dwt roro cargo ship WEDELLSBORG that was previously operated by Italian carrier Grupo Grendi on the domestic Cagliari-Carrara Marine Cagliari line service. The WEDELLSBORG is able to carry up to 773 teu of containers. The new feeder service calls at the Tunis-Rades Terminal and the Grendi Trasporti Marittimi Terminal


Maersk launch SE8 service

Maersk has launched a new intra-Asia SE8 service connecting Jakarta, Tanjung Pelepas, Port Klang, Haiphong, Qinzhou, Port Klang, Singapore, Jakarta from 8 Novmber 2023. The service turns in 3 weeks and deploys ships of 1,000-1,700 teu with the maiden voyage made by the 1,714 teu BOX ENDEAVOUR at Jakarta on 8 November.


Maersk & CMA CGM to deploy 13,000 teu ships on revised Far East-West Africa service suite

Maersk and CMA CGM will upgrade their Far East-West Africa service to the 13,300-13,800 teu scale 8 from December 2023, with the launch of the revised FW1/WAX service that will call at Qingdao, Kwangyang, Shanghai, Ningbo, Shekou, Nansha, Singapore, Tanjung Pelepas, Tema, Lekki, Abidjan, Pointe Noire, Colombo, Singapore, Xiamen, Qingdao. The upgraded FW1/WAX service will start from 5 December 2023 with the 13,302 teu MAERSK EDIRNE and will turn in 13 weeks using 13 ships from Maersk and CMA CG


CMA CGM/CNC upgrades KCS service to the 6,000-7,000 teu scale

CMA CGM'S intra-Asia arm CNC has upgraded the Korea China Southeast Asia (KCS) service to the 6,000-7,000 teu scale, making it the largest dedicated intra-Asia service alongside Maersk/Sealand Asia's IA-8 service that deploys ships in the 6,000 teu size. These 2 intra-Asia services are the largest services in the North Asia-Southeast Asia corridor that commonly employs ships in the 1,700-4,200 teu scale. The KCS calls at Xingang, Dalian, Lianyungang, Qingdao, Singapore, Jakarta, Surabaya, Man


Maersk pays heavy price for rate slashing strategy to regain market share

Maersk swung to a -$27m EBIT loss in 3Q 2023 but instead of shedding excess capacity, Maersk has been actively adding new capacity while slashing rates to recover market share. Maersk’s aggressive price cutting was one of the main reasons behind the dramatic drop in market rates in the 3rd quarter. Maersk’s average freight rates dropped by 14% QoQ despite having 68% of its total volumes on fixed contracts, highlighting just how aggressive its pricing actions have been as its total liftings rec


Carriers’ battle for market share set to intensify

Hapag-Lloyd will receive next month the first of 9 ships of 14,372 teu that it has chartered from SFL and Enesel for 5 year periods in the first benchmark fixture for ships of this size following the expiry of their initial 10 year charter to Evergreen. The first 2 ships (THALASSA HELLAS and THALASSA PATRIS) are currently undergoing upgrades at COSCO Zhoushan including raised lashing bridges that will increase their nominal capacity from 13,808 teu to 14,372 teu. They will join the FE-US East


Gap between Top 3 carriers widen

MSC has extended its lead at the top of the carrier rankings, with its current fleet reaching 5.36m teu, up from 4.61m teu at the beginning of January. Newbuilding deliveries contributed 557,000 teu to the increase, with the rest coming from second hand vessel acquisitions and new charters. MSC has grown at an average rate of 83,000 teu a month, with its lead over 2nd  place Maersk rising to 1.24m teu. Maersk has seen its operated fleet shrink from 4.21m teu at the beginning of the year to 4.12

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