Kalypso Compagnia di Navigazione insolvent

Kalypso Compagnia di Navigazione (KCN), part of the RIF Line Group, has been placed in liquidation following the arrest of one of the ships it operated in Taranto on 14 December 2023. The 2,518 teu ZHONG GU XIONG AN was arrested in Taranto for unpaid bunker bills by its Chinese creditors. It was one of 4 ships chartered by Kalypso from Zhonggu for its Marco Polo service connecting China, Bangladesh and the Mediterranean that has been dormant since October 2023 after Zhonggu refused to allow the


Kalypso Line service disruption continues

Kalypso Compagnia di Navigazione's (KCN) Marco Polo service connecting China-Bangladesh-Med that has been disrupted by the Hamas-Israel conflict has finally made its first cargo discharge in the Med since 17 October 2023. The 2,518 teu ZHONG GU XIONG AN berthed at Taranto on 13 December 2023 and completed its cargo discharge on 23 December. The ship was one of 4 ships operated by Kalypso on the Marco Polo service that called at Qingdao, Taicang, Ningbo, Dachan Bay, Chittagong, Ashdod, La Spezi


Kalypso pulls out from Transatlantic Med-US trade

Kalypso Compagnia di Navigazione has stopped its Transatlantic 'Cristoforo Colombo' service with the last sailing from the New York on 15 May 2023 by the 1,368 teu JULIUS that will be redelivered after ending its current voyage at Sagunto on 25 May. The Cristoro Colombo service was launched in November 2022 using up to 3 ships of 1,300-3,000 teu connecting various Med ports including Taranto, Salerno, Civitavecchia, La Spezia and Sagunto with New York. Kalypso will retain its Marcopolo servic


Kalypso adds Italy-Turkey service

Kalypso Compagnia di Navigazione will launch a new Italy Line service connecting Salerno, Ravenna, Venice, Bari, Mersin, Salerno from 16 December 2022 using the 1,712 teu RIJNBORG that has been chartered for 6-8 months at $13,700 per day. The service was initially scheduled to be launched on 25 November but was delayed by 3 weeks.


Kalypso introduces Italy Line service

Kalypso, part of the Italian Rif Line Group, will launch a new Italy Line service connecting Italy and Turky from 29 November 2022. The new service is expected to start from 25 Nov 2022 and will cover Salerno, Ravenna, Venice, Bari, Mersin, Salerno on fortnightly basis. Planed sailing schedule of the new Italy Line serviceUpdate : The launch was delayed to 16 December 2022 and will deploy the 1,712 teu RIJNBORG.


Kalypso launch Marco Polo and Salgari Service

Kalypso Compagnia di Navigazione, the new shipping line of of the Rif Line Group, has launched 2 separate Asia to Italy services. The Marco Polo service calls at Taicang, Dachan Bay, Jakarta, Salerno, Civitavecchia, Taicang using 3 to 4 ships of 1,300-3,000 teu on a 8 week rotation, with sailings offered every 2-4 weeks. The new service was launched on 18 April 2022 as an enhancement of its previous Civitavecchia Express service that was first introduced by Rif Line in August 2021. The Jakarta

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