Evergreen/IAL/Jinjiang/PIL/RCL launch China-India service

Evergreen, IAL, Jinjiang Shipping. PIL, RCL will jointly launch a new China-India service calling at Shanghai, Ningbo, Nansha, Singapore, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Port Klang, Singapore, Shanghai from 30 May 2024. The service will replace the existing service operated by IAL, Jinjiang, PIL and RCL that is branded as the China-Saigon-India / China Vietnam India / RCL Far East Madras 2 (CSI / CVI / RFM2). The revised service will omit the existing southbound and northbound calls at Ho Chi Minh Cit


IAL/WHL joins YM & TSL on Pan Asia Service (PAS)

Interasia Lines (IAL) has joined Yang Ming and TS Lines on the revised Pan Asia Service (PAS) as a vessel operator, with Wan Hai Lines (WHL) also taking slots on the service from 13 March 2024. The revised PAS calls at Moji, Hakata, Busan, Kwangyang, Keelung, Kaohsiung, Hong Kong, Shekou, Nansha, Ho Chi Minh City, Hong Kong, Shekou, Xiamen, Moji with a new call at Ho Chi Minh City added on 31 March 2024. The PAS service turns in 3 weeks with 3 ships of 2,400 to 3,000 teu with Yang Ming, TS Lin


CUL & IAL to launch new South China-Vietnam-Thailand service

China United Lines (CUL) and Interasia Lines (IAL) will launch a new South China –Vietnam–Thailand service, marketed respectively as the SCT2  and SVT from 14 March 2024. The SCT2/SVT will call at Bangkok, Laem Chabang, Nansha, Chiwan, Ho Chi Minh City (Cat Lai), Bangkok. The service will turn in 2 weeks and deploy the 1,756 teu INTERASIA VISION and a second vessel to be operated by CUL.


6 carriers to launch new China-East Africa service

ESL, GFS, IAL, KMTC, RCL and TSL will jointly launch a new China-East Africa service starting from November 2023. The service will call at Qingao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Nansha, Port Klang, Mombasa, Dar Es Salaam, Port Klang, Qingdao on a 56 day rotation using up to 8 ships of 2,400-3,000 teu. The service will be branded as the RCL East Africa (REA) service by RCL while the other partners to the service have not yet announced their assigned service names.


IAL & Wan Hai extends Japan-South China (NST) service to Philippines

IAL and Wan Hai have extended their Nippon-South China Trader (NST) service that connects Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Nansha, Shekou, Tokyo when it was originally launched in November 2022 with a new connection to Manila from May 2023. The revised NST service calls at Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Nansha, Shekou, Manila (North), Nansha, Shekou, Tokyo and will turn in 3 weeks starting from 23 May 2023 with the 990 teu BF PERCH followed by 1,042 teu CHATTANOOGA, with a third ship to be added in June, the


RCL and IAL launch new Vietnam Straits Myanmar (VSM) service

Regional Container Lines (RCL) and Interasia Lines (IAL) have teamed up to launch a new service connecting Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, Port Klang (W), Port Klang (N), Yangon, Thilawa, Port Klang (W), Port Klang (N), Singapore, Ho Chi Minh City. The service turns in 3 weeks with 3 ships of 1,000-1,100 teu and is branded by RCL as the RCL Yangon-Hochiminh (RYH) and by IAL as the Vietnam-Straits-Myanmar (VSM) service. The service started on 19 December 2022 from Port Klang with the 1,118 teu PAN


Interasia to launch New Japan-South China Service (NST)

Interasia is starting a New Japan-South China Service (NST) connecting Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Nansha, Shekou, Tokyo starting from 9 November with the 990 teu BF PERCH. The service will turn in 2 weeks with a second ship, the 1,008 teu IAL 001 expected to be deployed.


IAL/PIL/RCL to launch new China Vietnam India service

Interasia Lines, Pacific International Lines and Regional Container Lines will jointly launch a new China India service in April. The service is branded by the respective partners as the China-Saigon-India/China Vietnam India/RCL Far East Madras 2 (CSI/CVI/RFM2). The service will call at Ningbo, Shanghai, Ho Chi Minh City, Singapore, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Port Klang, Ho Chi Minh City, Ningbo using 4 ships of 1,7000-2,400 teu of which PIL will contribute 2 ships while IAL and RCL will provide


Wan Hai/IAL launch new South China-Vietnam-Malaysia

Wan Hai and Interasia Lines (IAL) have launched a new South China-Vietnam-Malaysia (CVM) service. The new service kicked off on 23 December 2021 at Haiphong with the 1,134 teu ASIATIC BAY. The service will call Haiphong, Zhanjiang, Nansha, Port Klang, Haiphong on a 14 day rotation. It will only deploy a single ship initially and call on a fortnightly frequency, with a second ship expected to be added at a later date. Port rotation of the new CVM service operated by Wan Hai and IAL

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