Hamburg Sud


Swire upgrades US West Coast to Pacific Islands service after Hamburg Sud exit

Swire Shipping will upgrade its participation on the US West Coast to Pacific Islands service by taking over Hamburg Sud's share of the joint service from June 2023. The geared 1,730 teu MOUNT CAMERON will make the first independent voyage for Swire from 16 June 2023 at Long Beach. The US West Coast to Pacific Islands service connects Long Beach, Oakland, Papeete, Apia, Pago Pago, Long Beach on a 35-40 day rotation using 2 ships, with sailings every 19 days with relay connections at Apia by tr


Maersk to switch to a unified brand

Maersk announced on 27 January 2023 that it plans to move towards an unified Maersk brand by integrating the separate Maersk brands including Hamburg Süd and Sealand. It did not provide any intended timeline for the transition to the unified Maersk brand and said that each brand will follow its own tailored timeline as they operate in different geographies. The brands to be integrated under an unified Maersk nameMaersk had already abandoned the Safmarine and Damco brands in 2020. Maersk brands

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