FESCO Egypt Direct Line (FEDL) is launched

FESCO has launched a new FESCO Egypt Direct Line (FEDL) service from 13 December 2023 connecting Novorossiysk, Alexandria, Novorossiysk with the 1,118 teu FESCO ASKOLD. The service will turn in 13-14 days using a single ship. The FEDL service is operated by Dalreftrans, FESCO’s temperature-controlled cargo transportation affiliate and is aimed at the transport of fruits and refrigerated products from Egypt to Russia while it will transport containerised lumber, fertilisers, leguminous crops and


FESCO Indian Service launched

FESCO has launched a new FESCO Indian Service that connects Novorossiysk, Nhava Sheva, Mundra, Novorossiysk with the 1,118 teu FESCO ASKOLD from 28 July 2023. The service will turn in about 40 days using a single ship at the moment.


FESCO Black Sea Service launched to complement FESCO Baltorient Line connecting China, India and Russia

FESCO has launched a new FESCO Black Sea Service (FBSS) connecting Rizhao, Shanghai, Shekou, Nhava Sheva, Novorossiysk with the 1,118 teu FESCO ASKOLD making the maiden voyage from Rizhao on 12 June 2023. The ship is scheduled to arrive at Novorossiysk on 19 July after a 36 day one-way transit. The FE-Med service will be operated irregularly for the time being, and will run alongside the FE-Baltic FESCO Baltorient Line (FBOL) that operates between Rizhao, Lianyungang, Shanghai, Ningbo, Yantian,


FESCO revives Baltorient Line service connecting China and St Petersburg

FESCO has revived its former FESCO Baltorient Line (FBOL) brand for a new direct service connecting China and St Petersburg that operates on a monthly basis. The FBOL will connect Rizhao, Lianyungang, Ningbo, Shanghai, Yantian, Mundra, St Petersburg, Rizhao on a 80-88 day rotation using 3 ships of 2,400-3,000 teu with inducement calls on the backhaul leg from St Petersburg that are currently scheduled to call at Xingang (on 1 June 2023), Durban (on 2 July 2023) and Mundra (on 18 July 2023). T


FESCO China Express (FCXP) service upgraded with 3 weekly departures

FESCO has upgraded its FESCO China Express (FCXP) service with the addition of new port calls at Nansha and Dalian. The FCXP is split into 3 loops on a weekly frequency with the following revised rotations starting from May 2023 using a total of 6 ships with a combined capacity of 13,100 teu. * FCXP-1 calling at Vladivostok, Yantian, Nansha, Xiamen, Vladivostok on a 14 days rotation using the 1,732 teu HISTORY ELIZABETH and the 1,746 teu VLADIVOSTOK that will join the service on 19 May


FESCO Indian Line connects India-Turkey-Russia

FESCO has introduced a new FESCO Indian Line West (FILW) service connecting Novorossiysk, Ambarli, Nhava Sheva, Mundra, Novorossiysk. The service will be operated on a fortnightly basis starting from 1 March 2023, with the first sailing expected to use the 1,440 teu GFS SAPPHIRE.

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