COSCO launch PNW peak season transpacific service

COSCO and OOCL will launch a PNW peak season transpacific service branded as the China-Pacific Northwest Coast/Vancouver (CPV) service calling at Ningbo, Shanghai, Vancouver, Seattle, Lianyungang, Ningbo starting from 12 June 2024. The CPV service will turn in 42 days using 6 ships of 4,250 teu starting with the 4,253 teu COSCO VENICE at Ningbo. The service will be the first new transpacific service launched for this year’s peak season and will add 1.4% to the current capacity deployed on the F


MSC revises Sentosa service rotation for the 3rd time this year - merged with Shikra service

MSC will revise the Asia-US West Coast Sentosa service rotation for the 3rd time this year with calls at Port Klang, Singapore and Busan reinstated together with an extension of the service to India. The revised service is renamed as Sentosa Shikra as it incorporates the existing FE-India Shikra service. The Sentosa service was first launched in April 2021 and has gone through 6 major iterations: * April 2021 to September 2022 - originally focused on the Southeast Asia market calling at Si


MSC revises Santana rotation

MSC will revise the rotation of the FE-USEC Santana service from 24 August 2023 to call at Laem Chabang, Cai Mep, Ningbo, Shanghai, Busan, Manzanillo, Cristobal, Caucedo, New York, Norfolk, Laem Chabang. The addition of new calls at Manzanillo and Cristobal allows MSC to offload cargo before the Panama Canal transit due to draft restrictions imposed by the ACP. The revision comes just 11 weeks after the Santana rotation was last changed on 8 June 2023 to call at Haiphong, Shanghai, Ningbo, Bus


MSC amends Santana and Chinook service port rotations

MSC will change the port rotation of 2 of its standalone transpacific services in July 2023. The FE-USEC Santana service will call at Haiphong, Shanghai, Ningbo, Busan, Manzanillo (Mex), Cristobal, Caucedo, Port Everglades, Baltimore, Lazaro Cardenas, Haiphong from 2 July 2023. It replaces the current Santana rotation that calls at Singapore, Haiphong, Shanghai, Ningbo, Busan, Balboa, Caucedo, Port Everglades, Charleston, Baltimore, New York, Boston, Singapore that was itself just amended on 8


FE-WCNA utilization dropped below 70%

This week's preliminary FE-WCNA utilization data dropped below 70% for the first since we started tracking this data series in Q4 2020. These preliminary data only covered 3-days of this week, i.e. 13-15 Feb, where 11 vessels have left Far East to head to West Coast North America. Among the 11 vessels, the utilization level ranges from 44% to 88% but all except one were at or below 80%. The average utilization in this route have been around 83% over the last two years. Resumption of services


Alliances Help Fill Shipping Capacity

Services operated jointly i.e. by alliances usually enjoyed better utilization than the services operated independently by a single liner. Since 2020, utilization for alliance services have been 6% points better than the same for independent services. The utilization for the independently operated services tend to be more volatile. Wider sales network helps fill vessel capacity, we figure. The utilization gap narrowed since December 2020 was just due to diversion of capacity buildup where the

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