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CMA CGM adds Great Lakes Express (GLX) extra loader service to PNW

CMA CGM has restarted the Great Lakes Express (GLX) that will serve as an extra loader service connecting China and South Korea (with irregular schedul calls at Yantian, Ningbo, Shanghai, Qingdao and Busan) to Seattle or Vancouver. 4 sailings are planned currently starting with the 6,732 teu CMA CGM SAN FRANCISCO at Shanghai on 19 July 2024 with a second trip from Ningbo on 24 August, the 2,478 teu CMA CGM ALEXANDRIA at Yantian on 23 July and the 2,954 teu AMALFI BAY at Yantian on 5 September.


Maersk retains Panama routing for Asia-US East Coast extra loader service

Maersk has added additional sailings between China/Korea and the US East Coast on its extra loader program for overflow cargo, retaining the routing via the Panama Canal despite ongoing draft restrictions and congestion. Maersk has deployed 8 extra sailings to the US East Coast since the beginning of July 2023 using ships of 3,000-7,000 teu, of which 6 sailings took the Panama route without encountering any significant delays, while 2 sailings were routed via the Suez Canal. * GSL ELEFTHERIA


China-Middle East rates tumble with rising number of loaders

Rates from China to the Middle East have fallen by 35% over the past 4 weeks with several ad hoc loaders adding new capacity to meet market demand. The extra loaders included the following sailings mounted by Vasi Shipping Unicargo and OVP Shipping. * Vasi Shipping - NORTHERN VIVACITY (2,702 teu) 3 Nov 2022 : Qingdao, Xingang, Ningbo, Port Klang, Jebel Ali * Vasi Shipping - VASI STAR (1,730 teu) 16 Nov 2022 : Singapore, Port Klang, Jebel Ali * Vasi Shipping - NORTHERN VOLITION (2,702

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