ONE replaces Florida Latin Express (FLX) with new partnership on CMA CGM & COSCO Americas XL/NEWS service

ONE has replaced its Florida Latin Express (FLX) service with a new FLX service through slots on CMA CGM/COSCO's Americas XL/North America East Coast-West Coast South America (NEWS) service. The 4 ships of 1,100 to 1,700 teu that ONE had formerly operated on the FLX has all been redeployed and have been replaced by the revised FLX service from 1 February 2024, with ONE purchasing 600 teu per week from CMA CGM on the Americas XL. The Americas XL/NEWS is currently operated by CMA CGM and COSCO u


Folk Maritime and CMA CGM to launch North Red Sea (NRS/NRX) service

Folk Maritime will team up with CMA CGM to launch a new North Red Sea (NRS)/North Red Sea Express (NRX) service from 9 April 2024. The NRS/NRX will call at Jeddah, Neom, Sokhna, Aqaba, Yanbu, Jeddah using 2 ships of 1,600-2,000 teu, starting with the Folk Maritime chartered 2,045 teu JIN SHUN HE, followed a week later by the 1,641 teu APL SAIPAN from CMA CGM. Folk Maritime is a new carrier established on 26 February 2024 in Riyadh to operate feeder and short sea services connecting ports in  S


CMA CGM EBIT turns negative in 4Q

CMA CGM reported 4Q 2023 EBITDA earnings of $630m for its container shipping business, out-performing Maersk for the second straight quarter. Maersk had reported EBITDA of $196m and EBIT losses of -$920m in the quarter . CMA CGM’s EBIT losses is estimated at between -$670m to -$770m, based on depreciation and amortisation expenses of $1.3 Bn to 1.4 Bn in the 4th quarter, with the company no longer reporting its EBIT figures since 4Q 2023. The 4Q EBIT losses dwarfs CMA CGM’s previous quarterly p


CMA CGM launch Spain Tunisia Express (STX) service

CMA CGM has launched a new Spain Tunisia Express (STX) service connecting Vigo, Oran, Vigo using the 1,368 teu MARINA L from 9 February 2024. The service will turn in 11 days using a single ship. Spain Tunisia Express (STX)


CMA CGM launch Red Sea Med Express (REDEX)

CMA CGM has launched a new Red Sea Med Express (REDEX) to connect the Red Sea ports of Aqaba and Jeddah to 5 key transhipment hubs in the Med. The REDEX will call at Aqaba, Jeddah, Tanger Med, Algeciras, Malta, Alexandria, Damietta, Aqaba. The 4,404 teu CMA CGM PUGET made the inaugural call on the REDEX for an ad hoc trip from Alexandria, Malta to Aqaba and Jeddah before settling into the regular REDEX port rotation. The service will turn in 28 days using 4 ships of 3,000-4,400 teu. The new s


CMA CGM upgrade MedCaribe service

CMA CGM will upgrade its Mediterranean-Caribbean (MEDCARIBE) service with the addition of a new westbound call at Tanger from 5 March 2024 . The revised port rotation will call at Algeciras, Malta, Livorno, Genoa, Fos, Barcelona, Valencia, Tanger Med, Fort-de-France, Pointe-a-Pitre, Caucedo, Kingston, Cartagena (Col), Buenaventura, Paita, Posorja, Guayaquil, Moin, Cartagena (Col), Algeciras. The expanded service will deploy 9 ships of 6,800-6,900 teu with an extra week added to the rotation. Th


CMA CGM revamp TULYB & GTL services to Libya

CMA CGM will revamp two services connecting Libya with East Med ports from January 2024. The Turkey Libya Express (TULYB) will be revised to call Aliaga, Gemlik, Ambarli, Alexandria, Misurata, Aliaga from 17 January 2024 on a 14 day rotation using 2 ships, the 1,122 teu JAGUAR and 1,114 teu ATLANTIC MERCHANT. The service will drop its current calls at Gebze, Piraeus and Limassol with the total turn time reduced from 3 weeks to 2 weeks. The Greece Turkey Libya Express (GTL) will be revised to


CMA CGM and Maersk to launch new USEC-Centram service

CMA CGM and Maersk will launch the Ceiba Express (Ceiba/U7H) service calling at Port Everglades, Kingston, La Guaira, Puerto Cabello, Cartagena (Col), Puerto Cortes, Santo Tomas de Castilla, Port Everglades on 21 days round trip. The service will deploy 3 vessels starting with the 1,732 teu HANSA SALZBURG at Port Everglades on 14 January 2024, followed 1,691 teu MARFRET GUYANE and 2,564 teu CMA CGM PEMBA.


CMA CGM & Maersk introduce Cape Town feeder service

CMA CGM and Maersk will jointly launch a new Cape Town Feeder/Cape Town Express service connecting Port Louis, Cape Town, Port Louis from 9 January 2024. The service will turn in 4 weeks using 4 ships of 2,200-2,500 teu starting with the CMA CGM FORT ST GEORGES, MAERSK NEWARK, MAERSK NANSHA and CMA CGM ANTIOQUIA. The service will cater for connections to Cape Town at Port Louis on the updated Shaka/Safari service jointly operated by CMA CGM and Maersk that will call at Shanghai, Ningbo, Shekou,


CMA CGM launch NAMEX service connecting North America East Coast with Morocco

CMA CGM will launch a new North America-Morocco Express (NAMEX) service connecting Tanger Med, Halifax, New York, Philadelphia, Norfolk, Charleston, Savannah, Tanger Med from 9 January 2024. The seasonal service is aimed at the exports of fruit and vegetables from Morocco to North America. It will be operated as part of CMA CGM's Columbus JAX (CJX) service with the addition of new calls at Tanger Med as well as Philadephia. The revised CJX service will call at Nansha, Yantian, Cai Mep, Singapo

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