GSL Kolkata-Chittagong (GKC) service changed to Port Klang-Koltata feeder

Zim and Gold Star Line (GSL) have changed the GSL Kolkata-Chittagong Express Shuttle (GKC) service to a Port Klang-Kolkata shuttle service but has retained the GKC service name. The new GKC is jointly operated with RCL which brands the service as the RCL Malaysia-Kolkata Service (RCH8). The GKC/RCH8 service will call Port Klang (Westports), Kolkata, Port Klang and turns in 2-3 weeks with up to 3 ships of 1,000-1,200 teu deployed, with the new deployment started in September 2023.


Zim/GSL switch Kolkata Colombo (GKC) service

Zim and Gold Star Line (GSL) have revised the GSL Kolkata Colombo (GKC) service with the addition of new calls at Chittagong and Kattupalli from May 2023. The revised service has been renamed Kolkata Chittagong Express Shutle (GKC) and calls at Colombo, Chittagong, Kolkata, Kattupalli, Colombo, turning in 21 days using 3 chartered ships of 1,000-1,100 teu (IMKE SCHEPERS, SINAR BANGKA, ASIATIC NEPTUNE).


CNC adds Mongla link

CNC (CMA CGM) has added a new call at Mongla on the Bengal Bay Express (BBX) service. The revised rotation will call at Singapore, Port Klang, Chittagong, Mongla, Singapore using the 2,257 teu UBENA from 5 January 2023 with the first call at Mongla on 15 January 2023.


MSC launch new China-Bangladesh service

MSC will launch a new Bengal Service connecting South China and Bangladesh. The service will start on 27 April with the  1,732 teu MSC KYMEA from Hong Kong. The service calls at Hong Kong, Yantian, Shekou, Singapore, Tanjung Pelepas, Chittagong, Singapore, Tanjung Pelepas, Hong Kong and will deploy 4 ships of 1,600-2,000 teu. MSC Bengal Service port rotation

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