ASL, CUL & PIL launch South China Vietnam Philippines service

ASEAN Seas Line (ASL), China United Lines (CUL) and Pacific International Lines (PIL) have teamed up to launch a new jointly operated Intra-Asia service calling at Shekou, Nansha, Xiamen, Manila North, Subic Bay, Xiamen, Shekou, Nansha, Ho Chi Minh City, Shekou. The new service is branded respectively by ASL, CUL and PIL as the South China Vietnam Philippines service (SVP), South China Philippines Service (SP1) and China Philippines Vietnam (CPV). It turns in 3 weeks using 3 ships of 1,000-1,2


ASL discontinues Australia China Express (ACX)

Asean Seas Line (ASL) has withdrawn the Australia China Express (ACX) service after the last ACX ship the 1,930 teu ASL BAUHINIA completed its last sailing on 29 May 2023. Although an ASL representative says the company will continue the ACX service beyond April, the service failedd to continue with the planned deployment of the newbuilding ASL TAIPEI which was redeployed on the Ningbo Philippines (NPX) service from June 2023.

Asean Seas Line

ASL withdraws capacity from Australia China Express (ACX) service

Asean Seas Line has reversed its plans to expand the Australia China Express (ACX) service and have started to remove ships from the loss making service. The 1,730 teu newbuilding ASL PEONY that was originally slated to join the ACX service on 16 March 2023 has been redeployed on the China-Hong Kong-Haiphong 2 service (HHX 2), while the 1,781 teu ASL HONG KONG has also shifted from the ACX to HHX 2 on 25 March 2023. The last ACX ship, the 1,930 teu ASL BAUHINIA, is completing its northbound tr


ASL and ESL team up in revised North China Philippines Express (NPX2/NPX)

Asean Seas Line (ASL) and Emirates Shipping Line (ESL) will team up on the new North China Philippines Express (NPX2/NPX) service calling at Qingdao, Shanghai, Ningbo, Manila (S), Qingdao. The service will commence on 6 February 2023 at Qingdao and will turn in 2 weeks using the 848 teu PACIFIC GRACE and 1,118 teu VIMC DIAMOND. Both ships are operated by ASL with ESL taking slots under a slot exchange arrangement involving ESL's South China Philippines (SCP) service. Port rotation of the new N


ASL to launch Australia China Express (ACX) service

Asean Seas Line (ASL) will expand its service coverage outside of the intra-Far East routes for the first time with the launch of a new Australia China Express (ACX) service from 25 September 2022. The ACX will call at Qingdao, Shanghai, Shekou, Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Qingdao starting with the 1,800 teu newbuilding ASL HONG KONG on 25 September followed by ASL BAUHINIA is scheduled to join the ACX on 15 October. The 2 ships are the first 2 units of a series of 6 new Bangkok-max ships of


Asean Seas Line launch new South China-Danang service

Asean Seas Line (ASL) has launched a new South China-Danang Express (BDX) service that connects Nansha, Hong Kong, Shekou, Danang, Nansha on a weekly basis, with the first sailing made by the 357 teu HUA KAI on 28 December 2021 from Nansha.

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