Arkas/EMES launch Spain Algeria Service (SAS)

EMES Feedering, the feeder operating arm of Arkas, has launched a new Spain Algeria Service (SAS) connecting Valencia, Algiers, Oran, Valencia from 15 February 2024 using the 698 teu ORION. The SAS service will turn in 10-14 days, with the call at Oran is omitted in the first 2 sailings. The Oran calls are scheduled to start from 13 March 2024.


CNAN Nord relaunch Algeria-West Africa and Europe services

CNAN Nord has restarted its Algeria-West Africa service to Nouakchott and Dakar with the return of 2 of its 7 ships that have been idle since 2021 and 2022. The 12,645 dwt/665 teu KHERRATA has been deployed on the Alger-Nouakchott line from 24 June 2023 while the 12,161 dwt/842 teu TIMGAD will be deployed on the Algeria-North Europe service with the first call at Antwerp scheduled on 8 August 2023. TIMGAD had been stranded in Belgium since September 2021 and was finally released from detention


CMA CGM launch Turkey-Algeria TURAF Express

CMA CGM will launch a new Turkey-Algeria TURAF Express service connecting Aliaga, Gemlik, Izmit, Ambarli, Malta, Alger, Aliaga from 17 July 2023 using 3 ships of 800-1,000 teu. The first voyage will be made by the 868 teu ATLANTIC GREEN with 2 additional ships that are yet to be named.


Akkon Lines launch Turkiye Oran Service (TOS)

Akkon Lines will introduce a new Turkiye Oran Service (TOS) calling at Ambarli, Gebze, Gemlik, Aliaga, Oran, Ambarli from 1 July 2023 using the 658 teu DEPE.

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