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MSC adds Asia-North Europe Swan Service

MSC will reinstate the Asia-North Europe Swan service from June 2023. The service will call at Qingdao, Ningbo, Yantian, Tanjung Pelepas, Antwerp, Gdynia, Gdansk, Klaipeda, King Abdullah Port, Singapore, Qingdao. The Swan service will be operated independently by MSC outside of the 2M partnership with Maersk. It replaces the previous Swan/AE-2 service that was part of the initial 2M offering launched in January 2015. The Swan/AE-2 was jointly operated by the 2M using ships of 14,000-15,500 teu


IAL & Wan Hai extends Japan-South China (NST) service to Philippines

IAL and Wan Hai have extended their Nippon-South China Trader (NST) service that connects Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Nansha, Shekou, Tokyo when it was originally launched in November 2022 with a new connection to Manila from May 2023. The revised NST service calls at Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Nansha, Shekou, Manila (North), Nansha, Shekou, Tokyo and will turn in 3 weeks starting from 23 May 2023 with the 990 teu BF PERCH followed by 1,042 teu CHATTANOOGA, with a third ship to be added in June, the


North China Express (NPX) service to Malaysia is suspended

The North China Express (NCX) service that is jointly operated by KMTC, SITC, RCL and X-Press Feeders has been suspended from 14 May 2023. The service was first launched in February 2021 by the 4 carriers and call at Dalian, Xingang, Qingdao, Ningbo, Singapore, Port Klang, Shekou, Incheon, Dalian using 4 ships of 2,400-2,800 teu with each partner contributing 1 ship each. KMTC and SITC have replaced the service with a new China Malaysia Vietnam (CMV/FEM3) service that is operated in partnersh


COSCO's Diamond Line to extend PNX service

COSCO's intra-European subsidiary Diamond Line will extend its current Piraeus-Naples Express (PNX) service into a new butterfly service centred around Piraeus that will include calls at the Ligurian Sea ports of La Speia and Vado in addition to Naples on one leg, and a separate leg connecting Piraeus to the Marmara Sea ports of Izmir, Gemlik and Derince (Safi). The extended PNX service will start from 2 June 2023 with the existing 1,560 teu TAICHUNG with two more ships, the 1,698 teu A. OBELIX


Unifeeder launches Piraeus-Marmara Service

Unifeeder will add a new Piraeus-Marmara Service with the 698 teu PANTONIO that will be phased in  from 3 June 2023 on the new weekly service will call at Piraeus, Haydarpasa, Gebze, Gemlik, Piraeus on a 7 day roundtrip rotation.


Market Pulse – 2023 Week21

Conviction around a freight market recovery is rapidly fading, with carriers failing once again to push ahead with their planned rate increases on 1 June following the 2 failed attempts earlier in May. Freight rates have continued to slip with the SCFI falling by 6% over the last 4 weeks, with scant signs of any  reversal. Zim retained its full year EBIT earnings guidance of $100m-500m despite suffering a first quarter EBIT loss of $14m. Carriers such as Zim are still hoping for a 2nd half reco


ZIM reported losses for 1Q

Zim reported losses for 1Q 2023 before market open today (22 May). Both net profit and operating profit level were negative. While the accounting operating cashflow is positive, the depreciation expenses, which are added back for the operating cashflow since 2019, were mostly lease expenses and hence are cash items. Management maintains full year guidance which for EBIT is $100-500m, against $14m LBIT in 1Q. Zim is the second major liner, after Wan Hai, to have reported losses in 1Q 2023. Bo


Aladin Express launch India-Turkey Express (ITX) service

Aladin Express has started a new India-Turkey Express (ITX) service connecting Nhava Sheva, Mundra, Diliskelesi, Nhava Sheva with the 1,740 teu GREEN ACE. The maiden voyage started on 9 April 2023 with sailings every 30-35 days. The GREEN ACE has been chartered by Aladin since September 2022 and was previously deployed on Aladin's Gulf India Express (GIX). The ship's charter has been extended in May for 10-12 months at a daily rate of $17,000. Aladin Express ITX service


PIL & Samudera launch joint Belawan-Singapore-Bangkok service

PIL and Samudera have teamed up to launch a joint Belawan-Singapore-Bangkok service from 11 May 2023. The butterfly service turns in 2 weeks using the 1,080 teu KOTA HANDAL from PIL  and the 1,141 teu ALS SUMIRE from Samudera that will call alternately on the Singapore, Belawan, Singapore leg (branded as SMS by PIL and BLW by Samudera) and Singapore, Bangkok, Singapore leg  (branded as BK1 by PIL and BKK by Samudera).


X-Press Feeders introduces new Libya X-Press (LBX) service

X-Press Feeders will launch a new Libya X-Press feeder service connecting Piraeus, Misurata, Piraeus from 1 June 2023 with the 698 teu SUNAID X. x``

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