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X-Press started Matadi Shuttle

X-Press Feeders started new weekly shuttle service,  Matadi Shuttle X-PRESS (MSX), that runs between Pointe Noire and Matadi. The shuttle has started with 618 teu LIMASSOL at Pointe Noire on 3rd August. (source: X-press)


How Has Container Shipping Stacked Up Against MSCI World?

Container liners proved to be able to generate values for shareholders despite of the cyclicality of their operating performance. From 2000 to July 2022, container liners returned over 700% to their shareholders whereas during the same period MSCI World returned only 440%.


Chinese Port Throughput Up 10% YoY in July

Global container port volumes have remained resilient in July with aggregated throughput from Linerlytica’s port sample of over 200 ports reaching an estimated new high of  67.07m teu for the month. Chinese ports posted a strong 10% growth in July, led by very strong gains in Shanghai and Ningbo. The volume recovery since lockdowns in Shanghai and parts of Jiangsu province were eased have helped to push the strong volume recovery in the Eastern China ports. Total throughput at Chinese ports re

Port Congestion

European Port Congestion Up

European port congestion picked up over the past week especially in Rotterdam where the number of vessels waiting at anchorage rising very quickly while yard capacity utilization has reached critical levels. Barge traffic has been affected by low water on the Rhine as well as diversions from UK to avoid the Felixstowe port strike. This is relieving congestion at ports further downstream, with German ports seeing a slight reduction in the vessel queues. There were no material change in the numb

Market Pulse – 2022 Week 33

Register Free Trial [] Port congestion remains flat globally, with the start of the 8-day strike at Felixstowe having only a limited impact. Just 2 containerships are currently in the UK port, with 3 more ships scheduled to arrive after the end of the strike window. Asia Europe freight rates are still falling sharply providing further warning signs that softening demand is outweighing the impact of bottlenecks across supply chain. Contrac


OOIL Interim In-Line but Costs Figures Questionable

OOIL reported its interim results during lunch last Friday (19th Aug). The results were great in most counters, e.g. 31% QoQ, 101% YoY and then 70% dividend pay-out ratio. But the top line report a month ago has already suggested OOIL earnings may be up $1.2-1.3bn HoH, which is more of less what OOIL report for the bottom line last Friday. The dividend pay-out ratio now becomes a guestimate for its shareholders as OOIL has paid out between 100% and 50% last two rounds. Having a net cash positi


Iris Logistics redeploys transpacific ship with launch of Thailand-Vietnam-Philippines service

Iris Logistics has launched its first intra-Asia service with the 1,118 teu IRIS PAOAY that has been redeployed from its previous Philippines-Los Angeles transpacific run. The new service will call at Manila, Bangkok, Laem Chabang, Ho Chi Minh City, Manila starting from 15 August 2022 with its inaugural call at Ho Chi Minh City. Iris Logistics is a subsidiary of the Royal Cargo Group and it operated previously as Royal Cargo Lines (RCL). It started as a representative office of German freight


COSCO starting AGI2

COSCO is starting a new Southeast Asia to Middle East and India connection with AGI2 starting with 2,174 teu PROGRESS C at Singapore on 31 August. The 28-days weekly service will run in port rotation, Singapore, Mundra, Abu Dhabi, Hamad, Khalifa bin Salman, Abu Dhabi, Singapore. Another 2,174 teu  SPRINTER will join on 11 Sept Singapore.


Zim/GSL to launch India-Africa Express (IAX)

Zim/GSL will launch a new India-Africa Express (IAX) service connecting Western India with Kenya and Tanzania in East Africa from September 2022. The IAX will call at Nhava Sheva, Mundra, Mombasa, Dar Es Salaam, Nhava Sheva with 3 ships of 1,100 teu. The first official sailing will be made by the 1,134 teu ASIATIC NEPTUNE at Nhava Sheva on 7 September 2022. The same ship had already made one ad hoc rotation at the same IAX ports from 9 August 2022.


RCL/GSL teams up for Vietnam-Malaysia-Indonesia link

RCL and GSL have added a new service connecting Ho Chi Minh City, Port Klang, Jakarta, Port Klang, Ho Chi Minh City in a butterfly pattern that turns in 14 days. The service started from Port Klang on 27 June 2022 with the 1,288 teu YANTRA BHUM operated by RCL followed a week later by the 1,134 teu ASIATIC KING operated by GSL. The service is branded as the RCL Vietnam-Indonesia Express (RVI) by RCL and Vietnam Malaysia Service (VMS) by GSL. The new service replaces the RCL Ho Chi Minh Sing

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