LINERLYTICA was founded in 2020 to provide data driven market intelligence for the container shipping industry.

The containership fleet size has grown exponentially since the late 60s and currently stands at over 6,250 ships with a total capacity of 27.5 million TEUs.

The fleet growth has been driven by new containership deliveries, but this has also created significant over-capacity in the market, especially since 2009 when demand growth has slowed.  

With declining market growth, the analysis of the containership market requires more accurate and sophisticated capacity analysis as these changes has a much greater impact on freight and asset markets.

LINERLYTICA uses a technology-backed platform that will more accurately capture information on containership deployment on a real time basis, together with forward schedules. Over 400,000 records are collected daily and updated in our database covering more than 360 liner services in cross regional trades and a further 1,000 services in the intra-regional trades across the globe.